Get an Expert by Your Side

  • Certified professionals who are experts in healthcare management

  • Accompany patients to hospitals with optional pick up and drop service

  • Resolve insurance company claims, payment formalities and other administrative tasks on your behalf

  • Ensure patient has a clear understanding of the diagnosis and next steps by engaging with your doctor like a family member

Starting Rs. 2,999 per assisted visit

Pre-Treatment Patient Navigator Assistance Plan

Designed to help you find the right treatment options, as fast as possible

Your Patient Navigator will meet you for a detailed case review and personally coordinate the following services:

  • Help you find the right specialists and hospitals based on your cancer type and stage. Setup appointments and accompany you to medical visits *
  • Track your case history and advise next steps to find latest high-quality treatment options without losing time
  • Identify high-quality, cost-effective treatment options for you
  • Expert review of your insurance policy to maximize claim amount
  • Help you find financing options – Get competitive cost quotes, Negotiate pricing, EMI payments, treatment packages, check eligibility for government schemes and facilitate loans, if required
  • Setup one starter session with a cancer counselor to support the patient mentally
  • Connect you to a cancer survivor matched to your cancer profile for ongoing support and guidance

Treatment-to-Recovery Patient Navigator Assistance Plan

Designed to provide 360-degree patient assistance throughout treatment​

Your Patient Navigator will meet you for a detailed case review and personally coordinate the following services:

  • Patient Navigators manage all non-medical services once treatment starts
  • Accompany patients to doctors, noting down advice and conveying the same to patients, updating relatives about clinical developments, reminding patients of drug dosage.
  • Following up with doctors, setup appointments, maintaining medical records.
  • Complete assistance during hospitalisation process, staying with the patient after admission, coordinate test reports and pharmacy purchases 
  • Manage all documentation, bill settlements, medical insurance paperwork and follow-ups till claims are settled

Day-care Patient Navigator Assistance Plan

Designed to assist you with your everyday medical needs​

Your Patient Navigator will meet you for a detailed case review and personally coordinate the following services:

  • Patient Navigators manage all non-medical services for the patient
  • Accompany patients on all medical visits, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and rehabilitation sessions. Update patient’s status to caregivers and family.
  • Setup appointments, manage pick up of lab tests, scan reports and medicines
  • Manage documentation and bill settlements

* Includes up to three assisted-visits and ongoing phone support.

​Support Services coordinated on Paid-basis

  • Pickup and drop facility for all medical visits
  • Professional counselling sessions for emotional support
  • Home care and Rehabilitation services

Who is a Patient Navigator?

A chronic disease or catastrophic illness can lead to stressful times for the patient and the family. Patients may be alone, confused, and suddenly facing a unfamiliar world of doctors, hospitals, tests and treatment plans. 

Patient Navigators work with patients and families to understand and manage today’s complex healthcare system. This may include finding doctors and hospitals, explaining treatment and care options, accompanying patients on medical visits, communicating with their health care team, helping with insurance problems and managing medical paperwork. Just like a family member does.

Why Hire a Patient Navigator?

If you live away from your family or caregivers, you may need assistance through a chronic/critical illness. You may need support understanding medical information to find a doctor or make treatment decisions.

Hospitals departments can be complex to navigate, a patient navigator provides a coordinated experience. Outstation patients without local knowledge often benefit from our assistance.

Our Patient Navigator advocates for your health, always. Our Patient Navigators are independent, without any affiliations to hospitals. They lead you to ensure you have access everything you need to manage your health.

How it Works

Step 1:
Submit a Request

Submit a request online or by calling us. Specify the date of the visit when you need support, background of your condition, type of support needed (IPD/OPD,  tests, treatment etc.)

Step 2:
Assignment of Patient Navigator

Based on availability, we will assign a suitable Patient Navigator to you. You will receive a confirmation via email with contact details of the Navigator.

Step 3:
Assisted Visit & Payment

Depending on whether you have opted for a pick-up and drop facility, your Patient Navigator will meet you at your pick-up point, or at the hospital. You can pay directly at the end of the visit.

Terms and Conditions

  • Standard duration for an assisted visit is up to 6 hours. Additional hours will be charged at Rs. 500 extra.
  • We currently provide this facility within Bangalore limits only.
  • Our Patient Navigators are independent professionals with no affiliations to any medical providers / hospitals. While our Navigators are trained healthcare management / hospital management professionals, they are not authorized to give medical advise. 
  • A Patient Navigator is a professional with the responsibility of coordinating your care outside your home, they are not professional caretakers / nurses. If required, our team can help you hire a professional caretaker / nurse.
  • While a Patient Navigator will guide and assist you in your healthcare management, they will take no liability on behalf of the patient for the patient’s treatment decisions. They are not authorized to sign on your behalf in medical forms.